Seeking to make a positive impact on a young Latina’s life?  Have the passion and energy to be part of a team? If so, please contact us to learn more of what Dare to Dream: Get Educated! does, and how you can get involved to make a difference. 


Administration (By-laws, Contracts, Insurance and Registered Agent) Committee

Reviews and negotiates contracts for the organization.

Receives service of process notices, Correspondence from the Secretary of State, and other government official notifications.

Responsible for obtaining insurance certificates for all Dare to Dream events.

Build the Dream – STEM Conference Committee

Develops a strategy and plan for STEM conference and establishes goals; reviews previous year’s plan, establishes communication and relationships with Fermilab and any affiliations for STEM related events, reviews previous year’s budget and makes recommendations for improvements for new fiscal year and communicates tasks to board members.

Career Panels Committee

Recruits Latina professionals for the career panels for the Dare to Dream Conference.

Manages the career panelists at the annual Dare to Dream: Get Educated! Conference.

Dare to Dream Conference Committee

Manages and collaborates all conference committees to ensure all processes and program components are on schedule before, during and after the actual conference.  Ensures that the conference is professional, educational and successful.

Fundraising Committee

Researches venues, presents info to board, reaches out to potential sponsors/donors, executes marketing tactics, obtains silent auction items, keeps log for Treasurer, provides input and implements themes for event and program.

Fund the Dream Scholarship Committee

Creates scholarship mailing list and communication of scholarships available, reviews incoming scholarship applications, communicates scholarship awards to awardees and redemption procedures, coordinates with schools that have an awards night, provides committee with new ideas and implements them to obtain funds for scholarships.

Grant Committee

Responsible for writing and submitting grants.

Coordinates with Treasurer on appropriate financial reports required for grant submissions.

IT Committee

Creates, manages and optimizes information for the needs of the organization using best practices.

Mothers’ Program Committee

Coordinates speakers for the Mothers’ program for the Dare to Dream Conference.

Manages and coordinates Mothers’ Program speakers at the Dare to Dream Conference.

Program Committee

Prepares programs for Dare to Dream Conference, Build the Dream – STEM Conference and Fundraiser(s).

Registration Committee

Responsible for coordinating all aspects of registration for the Dream Conference, Build the Dream – STEM Conference and Fundraiser(s).

School Outreach Coordinator/Registration Committee

Responsible for contacting school personnel and sending them information about to Dare to Dream and Build the Dream – STEM Conferences.  Shares information from the schools to the registration committee to facilitate the registration process.

Social Media/Marketing Committee

Adds posts on a regular basis on our Social Media links to notify the public of upcoming Dare to Dream events.

Strategies Committee

Creates all curriculum/activities for the strategies session of the Dare to Dream conference.

Student Life Panels Committee

Responsible for inviting, preparing, and orienting panelists and moderators.  Creates manual for Dare to Dream Conference including descriptions and purpose of their roles, creates a database of participants and works to help panelists transition from student life into career panels.

Volunteers Committee

Responsible for inviting, preparing, and orienting volunteers for different events.  Maintains volunteer database, works with registration committee during the Dare to Dream and Build the Dream – STEM Conference to ensure enough volunteers are available.  Creates manual for Dare to Dream Conference, provides descriptions for college panelists and updates signs for groups.

Website Committee

Relays info to webmaster, works closely with IT committee, keeps website up-to-date and provides best practice documentation for future board members.

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